Fabric Technology

We've sourced the very best in luxury fabric from Italy and France. Each fabric has been specially chosen to deliver effective moisture management, comfort and figure enhancement. Smoothing, sculpting and supporting is the name of the game!

Sensitive® Fabrics

Sensitive® Sculpt fabric can be found in our leggings. Once you've worn it, you'll know immediately why we chose this as the cornerstone of our collections.

High stretch - The multi dimensional elasticity of Sensitive® Fabrics allows perfect freedom of movement, impeccable wearability and maximum shape retention even after repeated washing. 

Sweat-wicking - The construction of Sensitive® Fabrics allows air to circulate between the fibres offering hygiene benefits as well as making you feel cooler. 

Fully opaque - Sensitive® Fabrics are all made of super-opaque microfibres, offering both great coverage and a higher level of protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

Body-sculpting - The clue is in the name, highly technical, Sensitive® Sculpt fabric is specifically designed to create a streamlined and utra-feminine silhouette. Gentle compression enhances and supports your body.