Product Features

A lot of thought has gone into our Running Bump garments and as a result they're packed with a host of technical features to make you look and feel amazing throughout your pregnancy. Each piece has been tested to the limit by Personal Trainers to ensure functionality is maximised while creating a smooth, sculpted and elongated silhouette. You can thank us later!


The waistband of our leggings and capris is where our products really excel. Its unique construction allows the band to fit comfortably in the lower back while sitting low at the front meaning it won't dig into, constrict or overheat your bump.

This under-bump design offers comfortable support and is designed to grow with you throughout your pregnancy. The soft cotton front panel is bonded to Lycra making it stretchy but cool to the touch, perfect for an area of skin that can feel sensitive.

A slimming inner-thigh panel, with a soft cotton-lined gusset ensures natural fibres sit comfortably next to the skin in your most sensitive area. 

Last but by no means least, all of our leggings are 100% opaque. More times than we can count, we've been behind someone in a class when their yoga poses have revealed a little too much. We believe the style and pattern of your underwear is something to be shared on your terms, so we've sourced a fabric with the highest opacity possible. Go ahead, do your next pose with confidence!

Carbon Mesh Tank

This top will quickly become your essential exercise companion - it's a great all-rounder. A pared-back exterior conceals range of design features.

Gentle ruching starting from below the bust incorporates just the right amount of fabric to accommodate your growing bump while maintaining a flattering silhouette. The cut of the Carbon Mesh Tank is also long enough to ensure it won’t ride up when you're stretching.

Mesh panels under the arms and in the upper back let air circulate and keep you cooler, while the front of the tank is constructed with a double layer to give you full bust coverage.

A firmer fabric makes up the main body of the garment giving comfortable support, while a feather-light second layer provides the detail.

What benefits do Running Bump clothes provide?

Running Bump activewear is tailored specifically for pregnant women because exercising when pregnant, although beneficial for your baby, is also about you. Making sure you feel amazing wearing your gym clothes at a time when your body is changing is our ultimate goal. We know that continuing to feel like 'you' is really important so our pieces are designed to help you to feel as comfortable as possible while you exercise (or simply when you're lunching with friends - we won't judge!).

As well as delivering clean and flattering design, our products are packed with technical features, starting with the most technical fabric we could get our hands on from Italy!

  • Sweat wicking properties ensures you stay as cool as possible
  • Mesh panels to keep the wearer cool
  • Brushed cotton-lined gusset and waistband
  • Cleverly-designed waistband giving gentle bump support; expanding with you as your bump grows
  • Long-length top to give coverage no matter which way you stretch
  • Sympathetic ankle fit, so hems aren't too tight and you don't have to wrestle to get leggings on and off 
  • Double layered fabric over the chest area for maximum coverage
  • 100% opaque leggings - no underwear showing through!
  • Full UV protection (SPF 50)